Blooming of the Easter Lily

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How to Choose Easter Lilies

Potted Easter lilies used in spring celebrations are "forced" into early bloom; they require some extra care if you want to continue growing them or transfer them to outdoor planting. Easter lily production when he brought a suitcase full of lily bulbs with him to the southern coast of Oregon in He gave them away to friends, and when the supply of bulbs from Japan was cut off as a result of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the rising price of the bulbs suddenly made the lily business a viable industry for these hobby growers, earning the bulbs the nickname "White Gold.

How you grow an Easter lily will vary, depending on if you are trying to keep it blooming as a seasonal potted specimen, attempting to grow it onward to bloom in the garden in subsequent years, or growing it as a garden plant from a bulb. Potted Plants: When obtained as a potted plant forced into early bloom, keep your Easter lily blooming by taking a few easy precautions.

Time Lapse Blooming of Easter Lilies

Remove the yellow anthers from the flower centers. This helps prolong the life of the blossoms and prevents the pollen on the anthers from staining the flowers, your hands, clothing, tablecloths, rugs and anything else it can find its way to. It also makes your lilies much easier to handle for allergy sufferers. Display your plant in bright, but indirect sunlight , and protect it from drafts and heat sources, such as fireplaces, heaters, and appliances.

The temperature can be even cooler at night. If the lily's pot is in a decorative foil wrapper, be sure water is not accumulating under the pot.

How to Promote Easter Lily Blooms

More plants die from over-watering than under-watering. Remove flowers as they fade and wither. Continual Growing: If you wish to continue growing your Easter lily and have it bloom again in the future, you may be able to transplant the potted lily outdoors. The success rate will vary, as with all florist plants that have been forced into bloom.

Wait until all the flowers have withered and been removed from the plant.

Keep the plant watered and in indirect sunlight until it is ready to go outside. When all danger of frost has passed, find a sunny, well-draining spot in your garden. Lilies like full sun but cool soil.

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Amend the soil with some organic matter, if needed. Soil pH should be a neutral 5.

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Plant the bulb to the same depth it was in the pot. Add an additional two-inch layer of organic mulch around the roots. Don't pile the mulch against the stem, or it may rot. Easter lilies generally grow in U. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 through 8, but you can also grow them in warmer areas with some extra care. In fall, when the leaves begin to lose their color, cut the Easter lily stems just above the soil surface. Dig up the bulbs and plant them in a container. Keep the container in a cooler or refrigerator for eight to 12 weeks and then re-plant outdoors.

Outdoors, Easter lilies can be expected to bloom each year in midsummer. The plants can reach up to 4 feet tall with as many as eight blooms per plant. The blooms can be up to 8 inches long and have a funnel shape. You can encourage lily blooms to last longer by removing the pollen-covered anthers from the center of the flower.

Remove the anthers with your fingers or tweezers. Cynthia Domenghini holds a Ph. She spent several years researching health outcomes of school gardening and has written numerous youth garden curricula and activity guides.

Caring For Your Potted Easter Lily - Farmers’ Almanac

Domenghini also served as an education specialist for the National Gardening Association. The growing process began on December 13, in a heated greenhouse. Elaborate leaf counting and flower bud progression techniques are developed each year for the grower to determine if his crop will be on schedule. Adjusting the temperature in the greenhouses is the primary way a grower can alter the production schedule.

Each year, Chuck Owens and his production staff have never failed to have lilies in bloom for Easter. Once your Easter lily has finished blooming, there is no need to discard your plant since they can be planted in your garden for years of continuous bloom.

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  • In the last several years, we have been replanting many of the lilies used in our spring displays in the Gazebo garden. Replanted bulbs will bloom much later typically in May or June. Many of our superior new garden varieties of lily have been hybridized using Lilium longiflorum as one of the parents. By Dr.

    Blooming of the Easter Lily Blooming of the Easter Lily
    Blooming of the Easter Lily Blooming of the Easter Lily
    Blooming of the Easter Lily Blooming of the Easter Lily
    Blooming of the Easter Lily Blooming of the Easter Lily
    Blooming of the Easter Lily Blooming of the Easter Lily
    Blooming of the Easter Lily Blooming of the Easter Lily
    Blooming of the Easter Lily Blooming of the Easter Lily
    Blooming of the Easter Lily Blooming of the Easter Lily

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