Cat Snips: a short story collection

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This word lurks within our deepest emotions.

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An LAPD detective is haunted by the case she never solved. A Century City financial advisor is haunted by the greed he cannot escape. A bridge is haunted by ghosts of despair. In a city of 10 million people, the haunted could be the man waiting to cross the street, or the memory that keeps you awake at night. Graf, Mark Hague, A. In other words, plenty to inspire murder and mayhem. Welcome to the cool side of the s, where the fast cars and revved-up movie monsters peel out in the night.

Where outlaw vixens and jukebox tramps square off with razorblades and lead pipes. Where rockers rock, cool cats strut, and hot rods roar. Where noir detectives of the supernatural, tattoo artists of another kind, Hollywood fix-it men, and a punk kid with grasshopper arms under his chain-studded jacket and an icy stare on his face all exist.

This is your ticket to the dark side of American kitsch. The Big Thrill caught up to Eric J.

By Dawn Ius. Author and editor Eric J. Guignard hopes to add variety to that elite list with a series of anthologies that will recognize the work of some of the lesser-known scribes of the genre. In this interview for The Big Thrill, Guignard takes some time out of his busy writing and editing schedule to discuss this project, as well as share some exciting personal news.

Dissatisfied with her choices, she often dreams about what could have been. Now she has the chance to know. But that knowledge is going to cost her dearly. Only through death can she fully realize the value of her life. She investigates, only to be brutally attacked and left for dead. As she dies, she experiences some of the lives that could have been hers had she only made a different choice. By George Ebey. Each of these authors are fan-favorites at the top of their game, and together they represent the best of contemporary crime and thriller fiction.

The Big Thrill recently reached out to editor Alex Shaw to learn what this thrilling new anthology has in store for readers. What kind of stories can readers expect from this anthology? Is there a particular theme that connects them in a certain way? Life has never been easy.

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Life has never been kind. It is always hungry. It is never full. Where fathers clash with sons, cannibals turn on cannibals, and sometimes sandwich meat is far from the worst choice a person can make.

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These stories, along with the continuing adventures of Bishop Rider, make up the bulk of this collection. They are not for the faint of heart. They are not for those who fail to believe one should get what one deserves. We must help ourselves. We must help those who find themselves unable.

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The result is a page-turning corpus of dark tales that shy away from cliched monsters and glorified gore, and instead provide chilling perspective on horror and heartbreak, hope and atonement, and the emotional despair of oblivion. Here are eleven fresh takes on that ominous black whip coming out of nowhere to stun and lay waste to your psyche. A novel-in-stories.

A literary jigsaw puzzle.

Combined in different ways, they tell a larger, more complex story. It goes round in circles—like a deranged animal chasing its own tail. The content is brutal and provocative: small-town pornography, gun-running, mutilation and violent, blood-streaked stories of revenge. The cast list includes sex offenders, serial killers, bare-knuckle fighters, carnies and corrupt cops.

This devastated cat definitely isn't feline fine after discovering he's had the dreaded 'snip'

And a private eye with a dark past—and very little future. Upcoming genre stars like Alison Gaylin team up with crime fiction legends such as Reed Farrel Coleman, along with Cate Holahan, Gabino Iglesias, Tony McMillen, and many of the most exciting new names in crime and horror fiction, who teach us that a perfect day is often anything but, that the power of positive drinking is a destructive force rarely contained, and that knock-down-drag-out drag queens are probably way tougher than you. From R. Each chapter will chronicle a riveting, real life, age-old murder case involving jealousy, betrayal, and homicidal fury between spouses, lovers, and others caught in the fatal crossfire, and justice being served or not.

Chapter 1: Murder of the U. Prolific author R. It seems like every group out there is doing their level best to scream louder than the other groups.

At times, it just feels like so much cocktail party opinionating. I may have made that word up. To me, specific policy positions are political: pro-this or anti-that. And I do think that writers, regardless of their feelings on certain policy issues, try to avoid preaching from the page. My goal was to get to some level of common understanding, not stand on an apple box and shout my policy positions to the world.

By Austin Camacho. For this anthology, Lori Rader-Day, Bill Crider, and 22 other respected crime, suspense, and thriller writers have used well-crafted fiction to call for a sensible and reasoned debate about guns in America. Beetner says the idea was born out of the conflict between his personal feelings about guns and the way he was portraying firearms in his writing. And when he went looking for contributors to his themed anthology, he found it was incredibly easy to recruit them.

By Robert Walton. The latest entry is all about critters of the furry, feathery, and even boneless kind. Where else can you build a murder around an octopus, have a crow solve a crime, or read a story told by a most unlikely bard? Looking for a dog and pony show? How about a dog, cat, bunny, crow, octopus, rat, and, oh yes, an exploding-cow show instead?

The stories are as diverse as the animals that drive their plots.

By Basil Sands. Editor Lawrence Kelter took some time out of his schedule to chat with The Big Thrill about what inspired the theme for this anthology and how each tale fits within the book. That ominous sedan is always there—lurking—just out of sight. One fleeting glance of the darkened figure within the shadowy cabin is enough to push you over the edge. Will you make it in time? These characters are on the edge and spiraling out of control. Bad situations become serious circumstances that double down on worst-case scenarios.

A Lou Reed fan gets himself caught on the wild side. A couple goes on a short and deadly crime spree. A collector of debts collects a little too much for himself. A vintage Elvis collection to lose your head over. A local high school legend with a well-endowed reputation comes home. The Big Thrill recently caught up with Mr. A few snips, a tie-off and then closure with absorbable buried stitches.

Total time: about five minutes. Male cats take even less time. The operation was one of close to 20 accomplished Aug.

Cat Snips: a short story collection Cat Snips: a short story collection
Cat Snips: a short story collection Cat Snips: a short story collection
Cat Snips: a short story collection Cat Snips: a short story collection
Cat Snips: a short story collection Cat Snips: a short story collection
Cat Snips: a short story collection Cat Snips: a short story collection

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