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    A lot of ti Rating: 4. A lot of time, in their debut novel, writers a searching for their own style. They often trying a lot of different things in the book but her style is fluid, her descriptions are vivid and she created very likable or less likable! He shows little interest in his pair and views most of their comportments as a study and a source of divertissement.

    Cat was a definitely my favorite character from the start. She takes a lot on her shoulder by dealing with her uncle and taking care of her sister. Despite the fact that the characters have to grow up fast, giving the circumstances they still act like most years old, which I enjoyed since in a lot of books author tend to have their characters act way to maturely for their age! Overall this was a great start to a series and Elle Davis first attempt at YA is sure to win you over. I am a very avid reader and let me tell you, it grabs you from page one. This is the kind of series that needs to be looked at by movie producers.

    With all the popular super natural movies that are hitting it big, this would make an exciting new twist on the super natural big screen. Cant wait for the second book! Loved this book!! Cannot wait for designed to love!

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    View all 3 comments. Ronan Callahan is not your average teenager. Not only does he have supernatural powers, but he has also been genetically modified before birth. During the first in this coming of age series, Ronan must come to terms with the fact that his parent's chose a designer baby and unite with other genetically modified youngsters against the government agencies which are out to get them.

    Sound cliched? I am not normally a big fan of the Young Adult genre, however I was instantly pulled into the story. For all he is initially emotionally detached because of the personality traits package that his parents foolishly chose for him he is incredibly likeable and I am sure that most socially awkward kids, even those from less privileged backgrounds would instantly relate to him. The author has also done an exceptional job of creating well rounded young people that even mammy's like me can relate to!

    His love interest Cat, is amazing. I love the fact that circumstances have cruelly forced her to deal with bringing up her five year old "gifted" sister. I love her friendship with her gay best friend and most of all I love the sincerity of her relationships with both Ronan and her sister Claire.

    Likewise five year old Claire with her abilities to telepathically communicate and move objects around is absolutely adorable! Like so many books that I have read recently, the author has chosen to write this as a multi -viewpoint novel, giving alternating first person accounts from both Ronan and Cat, and I am going to say no more on the subject other than the fact that she handles the whole viewpoint issue well.

    Design Perfection

    I have to say that I enjoyed the first half of the book more than the second half as I felt that as the book wore on, the author went into cliche overload, so much so that I started to switch off. She has however, built in plenty of hooks to keep young readers eagerly looking out for book two, and YES, I will download a copy when it becomes available as I am curious to see where the story goes moving forwards. If I could offer up one suggestion to the author it would be to really focus on the unit of Ronan, Claire and Cat and not be tempted to delve too much into the old bunch of teenagers escaping from secure military units and kicking shit out of every possible government agency routine.

    All in all, this was was a relatively fast paced young adult romance, and even though I know from her bio that she leads an incredibly busy life, the author must never be tempted to give up on her writing! When the topic first came up about reading Designed for Perfection, I was a little hesitant due my thinking it would be about a bunch of high school kids and their love story. Wow, was I ever wrong. I am so glad, I had the opportunity to read this book. Designed for perfection is about not typical high school students. They had a little help from their parents in changing their DNA.

    The kids are the "perfect" students, athletes and models. Most people think having the "perfect" body, When the topic first came up about reading Designed for Perfection, I was a little hesitant due my thinking it would be about a bunch of high school kids and their love story. Most people think having the "perfect" body, life and everything you wanted would make you happy, but does it really?

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    What happens when you go through life without anything to challenge you? In this book, you will find out The Designer, as the modified kids are called, are contracting a virus that is killing them. Cat and Claire are orphaned when Cat is in high school due to a boating accident.

    The Designers are abducted by supposedly the government to conduct testing on them and to eliminate them. I like that the kids still went through the same trials and tribulations that most kids go through. Often times, in our society, we focus too much on being perfect and not enough on enjoying life. The cover of magazines at the checkout line and covered with diets and works out. The tabloids make fun of people's bodies about being too thin or too fat. As a society, are we really heading in the direction of genetically altering our children while still in the uterus so they can be what our society dictates?


    It is scary to think about. If someone does think about genetically altering embryos, they should read this book first. The book does have some romance it in but it is not overly done. I am excited to read the next books in the series. View 1 comment. I will admit that I am sometimes guilty of judging a book by its cover and I really do not like the cover.

    Considering the people depicted on the front are suppose to be beyond beautiful it just doesn't fit. To me they look scary with perhaps the exception of the little girl. I'm glad that I could look past it because it ended up being a pretty good young adult read.

    Perfection and Designers

    I think my youngest daughter would probably really like it. I won't re-tell the story you can read the synopsis but I will say that it was an easy book to get through with a simple writing style. It left you guessing and routing for the Designers. The story does not end when the book does leaving room for another book in the series. Although I felt the book was a little young for me I still enjoyed it. The relationship between Ronan and Cat was not as believable as I would have liked.

    Designed to Perfection with Nathan Rhodes

    It started out great but then seemed to a little rushed. I will probably check out the next book to see where the story goes and recommend it to a younger audience. The story was quite original.

    Designed For Perfection (The Designers) Designed For Perfection (The Designers)
    Designed For Perfection (The Designers) Designed For Perfection (The Designers)
    Designed For Perfection (The Designers) Designed For Perfection (The Designers)
    Designed For Perfection (The Designers) Designed For Perfection (The Designers)
    Designed For Perfection (The Designers) Designed For Perfection (The Designers)
    Designed For Perfection (The Designers) Designed For Perfection (The Designers)
    Designed For Perfection (The Designers) Designed For Perfection (The Designers)

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