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Demo Mode If you stay on the Player Choice Screen without continuing, the game will automatically go into demo mode. To escape from demo mode press the ESC key of your computer and the demo will abort shortly afterwards at the end of the next month. Restoring a Saved Game Do not set the characters as detailed above but click on the disk icon at the bottom of the Player Choice screen and follow the instructions to restore your previous position. During each month the three characters must take a turn which will happen automatically for any computer-controlled characters to make decisions and carry out tasks.

Once each player has taken their turn the computer will make all the necessary calculations and proceed to the next month.

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If more than one human player participates you may wish to agree before starting not to look at the screen while certain strategic decisions such as setting up dragon missions or casting spells are being made by opponents. This shows a general map of the area of Anrea surrounding Dwarf Mountain, the current month and Ora, and six icons at the bottom of the screen. Click on your character and you will proceed to a screen showing your castle and a new row of icons see Castle Screens. When you have finished your tasks you will return to the Main Game screen on quitting the Castle Screen. Then the next human player can take their turn by clicking on their character icon.

The castles of the computer-controlled characters will each appear as their turns are completed.

Choose a color combination

You will not be able to proceed unless each human character has taken a turn. The results of the month's activities are reported at the bottom of the screen and graphic sequences depict dragons represented by coloured balls moving across the map of Anrea attacking villages and, perhaps, fighting each other.

If you have set your dragon on a training mission this will take place at this point for which you will need a joystick plugged in. See Dragon Assignments. Sometimes, before moving on to the next month you will be told that a village has offered you a reward in return for helping them. They may offer you more than one type of reward so click on your choice and then pn the red arrow to accept. Notice that this icon will often flash to remind you to save. You must ICON confirm your decision - click on the red arrow if you agree to abort, the cross if you do not.

There are three such screens, one for each of the characters. The one on the far left shows icons at the bottom of the screen. The one on the far left shows your character.

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By clicking on the middle six icons you are able to do a number of things, after each time returning to the Castle Screen. The cross icon takes you back to the Main Game Screen. You may access these areas in any order you choose although we suggest you start by looking at them in the order that these instructions are written.

There is no requirement to carry out all the tasks each month - although you must do at least one thing to be considered to have taken a turn! Clicking will reveal your monthly accounts the green book. You may also study current affairs red book and magic stock purple book.

BOOK Accounts. Monthly spending is crucial to your ICON success and you must budget carefully. Any visiting traders arriving at your castle are reported here as are the whereabouts of your dragons and, very importantly, if a part of the talisman exists in a village under your control. Throughout the game each character is being taxed by the Great Lords at a rate of 2 gelds per month. There is a further tax of 1 geld per month for each dragon you have and a further geld for each village in your possession. Current battles, which influence events ICON and may help you supplement your income, are reported here.

So are nexs of hostages rescue of which will bring you a reward , the whereabouts of itinerant barbarians be careful! Throughout the game the races of people that populate different villages battle with other races. Sometimes one village will conquer another and the victors will repopulate the latter with their own race of people. If one of the three characters in the game owns the victorious village they will now also own the vanquished one. The population of villages normally grows. As villages grow into towns they spawn new villages which have all the same characteristics except location and population size of their parent.

Again, if a character owns the parent town they will also the new village.

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This showns the current stock of ingredients ICON in your alchemy store, essential for the manufacture of spells. Dragon Eye Icon DRAGONS Entering this section allows you to monitor the attributes of your dragons - wisdom, eyesight, strength, age, health, disease and speed - and to cast spells to change them. Once into the dragon section you arrive at the part of your castle where the dragons' lairs are located.

You start with one dragon sleeping in the top left-hand lair and, as the game progresses and you successfully breed more, they will occupy the other cells. To see which dragons you currently possess move your pointer across the lair doors and the dragons' names will be shown in the right-hand panel. To check the current state of your dragon's attributes click on its cell door.

The screen will show the dragon and you can pass the pointer over its body to see its state. It is necessary for your character to have dragons to progress and you need at least three to win and dragons are often killed during the game. Therefore it is essential to start breeding dragons from your eggs emmediately.

This is done in the Egg Incubation room of your castle. To do this click on one of the egg icons at the bottom of the screen. Move your pointer to the centre of the screen and click again so that the egg is placed in the incubator. Eggs require heat to incubate so don't forget to do this or they will not hatch. To set the temperature control, place the pointer on the small wheell at the right of the screen.

Click on the left mouse button and at the same time move the pointer up over the right side of the wheel.

If you are using a joystick press fire and push up. The wheel should now turn and the gauge at the far right should indicate the heat level. By using this method in oppposite directions on the wheel you are able to increase or reduce the heat.

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An egg will take a number of months before it hatches. The higher the heat the faster this will happen. However, heat costs money and the more you are using at one time the faster your financial resources are being depleted. You must therefore choose a balance between hatching eggs and running down your finances. If your money is depleted your egg will not hatch.

An egg on a low heat will take many months to hatch but will eventually be stronger. Each time you return to the Egg Incubation room the hourglass in the top left will show the proportion of time taken so far in nurturing the egg. EGG If you wish to incubate another of the four eggs, or to ICON inspect a different one in incubation click on the revelent egg icon at the bottom of the screen. Read the Spell Book for more information. At the end of the relevant month you will be told that one of your eggs is hatching after which you will be asked to give the new dragon a name.

This may be up to eight characters with no spaces and must not be the same as an existing name. When it happens, you will also see the other characters' eggs hatching both human and computer players. Door Icon Traders Traders will often visit your castle and it is from them that you are able to buy further stocks of ingredients for spells. If a trader is outside your castle the door icon on your Castle Screen will be lit up.

You are not obliged to buy anything. If you don't, the trader will leave and return later in the game. Once you have clicked on the door icon you will be presented with a screen showing you the trader, what he has to offer, the prices and how much money you have. If you now decide not to buy anything click on the cross to return to the Castle Screen. If you wish to buy something click on the up arrow next to the item.

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  • The down arrow allows you to reduce the amount you wish to buy. You can only buy items you can afford. Once you have set your transaction click on the arrow to confirm your purchase, after which you will return to the Castle Screen. Although you may play Dragons Breath without the use of magic, your performance will be competing against computer players, they will most certainly use magic to improve their game. Clicking on the crystal ball icon on your Castle Screen takes you to your Spell Room and there you can cast speels to increase your money and egg supply.

    Also, on particular screens you will have a crystal ball icon and these allow you to direct spells at villages, dragons and eggs. To learn about casting spells you will need to read the Spell Book. In the centre stands your ultimate goal, Dwarf Mountain, and to the west, north-east and south the three castles of Bachim, Querod and Ametrim. NOw move your pointer over the map and, having chosen a section, press the fire or left cursor button.


    This next screen shows the Detail Map of Anrea. By clicking on the four points of the compass you can make the map scroll around the land. As you move your pointer over the map, the panel on the right of the screen will show the type of land and the distance from your castle. When you move the pointer on to a hut symbol the panel will also show the name of the settlement, its race, population, and a grading of industry or yeomanry.

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    Clicking on village symbol will produce a view of part of the village. Try clicking on different villages and notice how some villages have more advanced buildings than others. On this screen you can see a spell icon by which you cast a spell on the village.

    Dragon's Breath

    A dragon symbol within the square indicates that the character's dragon is guarding that location. The first is the tax rate which controls how much money you wish to take from the village. Click anywhere on this bar to change it.

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    Dragons Breath

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