Grandpa Fights an Ostrich

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Raina Telgemeier.

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  6. Suzanne Collins. Sally Rippin. Rachel Renee Russell. Louis Sachar. Catherine Bruton. Kobi Yamada. John Boyne. Students should be able to read and comprehend the lesson 2.

    Students can be asked to report any incident involving an animal in detail 3. The class will be asked to enact the lesson 2. Evaluation will be done on the basis of- 1. Worksheets 2. Using the difficult words in the lesson in sentences of their own 3.

    MP Board Class 9th English The Rainbow Solutions Chapter 11 Grandpa Fights an Ostrich

    Reporting of any incident in detail. Creation of a book cover for the lesson 2. Copyright Teachershine. Arching his back and sniffing into the air, he seemed at first to resent my invasion of his privacy. But when he found that I did not arm myself with catapult or air gun, he became friendly". Sometimes Bond discloses a feeling of ingratitude that creeps over his heart that somehow humans are not trustworthy for the animals, he further writes:. Bond provides a living expression to his every scene either that is a common pet fight or about a classic drama legend like the fight of a cobra and a mongoose.

    In the story The Banyan Tree he describes this fight in such a way that readers feel themselves being compelled to read the entire story:. At the same time a mongoose emerged from the bushes and went straight for the cobra". As in the story Grandpa fights an Ostrich he provides a general as well as scientific account of animals behaviour:. As he further describes:. But it was an unequal race. In Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright the beast symbolizes nobility.

    It represents the soul of India. Tiger safeguards the jungle and the villagers against infiltration of the outsiders. It protects their rights and cultural heritage. Therefore when the last tiger shot they feel themselves unprotected, unguarded. They feel:. Snakes have a distinct place in Indian life and mythology. They are worshipped because they are very close to Lord Shiva.

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    They are also the incarnation of late forefathers in present form. Rani in The Room of Many Colours gets hysterical when the boy talks of some snake seen in the garden. She tells a new story of the reptile:. Did your prince die, before he could marry you? Yes, and he returned to this garden in the form of a beautiful snake. His treatment of animals and birds is so much interesting that it keeps joining us with the bent of mind of the author. Some beasts like panther, leopard, jackals, reptiles; lizards are suggestive to the particular mood.

    In one story Bond combines many things together like excitement, thrill, action, suspense, and amazement and narrates them in that way which is impossible to a ordinary author to mingle all these things with animals life.

    Grandpa Fights an Ostrich Grandpa Fights an Ostrich
    Grandpa Fights an Ostrich Grandpa Fights an Ostrich
    Grandpa Fights an Ostrich Grandpa Fights an Ostrich
    Grandpa Fights an Ostrich Grandpa Fights an Ostrich
    Grandpa Fights an Ostrich Grandpa Fights an Ostrich
    Grandpa Fights an Ostrich Grandpa Fights an Ostrich
    Grandpa Fights an Ostrich Grandpa Fights an Ostrich
    Grandpa Fights an Ostrich Grandpa Fights an Ostrich

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