Lovesongs For The Soul: A Spiritual Journey

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Don V. Lax has been playing music and writing poetry since the age of five. During a childhood spent travelling and living in India, Pakistan, France, Italy, and the United States, he was exposed to and opened by the spiritual traditions of many cultures. Many years of immersion in the deep practices of Tantra, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, and Mystical Christianity have led to a synthesis within himself, culminating over the past fifteen years on Maui with the Diamond Approach of A.

A professional violinist, Don has always shared his musical spirit with the world.

Experience HU: the Sound of Soul

He has recorded numerous albums with many great musicians in multiple genres and performed with everything from Middle Eastern musicians to symphony orchestras and major rock bands. The poetry has been a more intimate expression of the heart and soul, shared with close friends, lovers, and family. An exploration of deeper realms of personal and universal spiritual healing, with daily meditation and expression through poetry, has led to the creation of this book. Select Format Softcover.

Book Details. Language : English. Format : Softcover. Dimensions : 6x9. It is amazing. Hello, it is very amazing to me how much music plays a role in the twin flame journey. He is being distant with me at the time. Which is completely okay because each time we reunite more is brought to the surface. So I know these are issues that require a lot of self growth so the final reunion can take place.

Our last reunion I had told him many times that I had been staying away from relationships because I just want be free. I was in a state of truly feeling the essence of freedom. It is amazing to experience that for the first time, and I unconsciously feared that by being in a relationship, I would lose some of that freedom.

And in most typical relationships, I would. But not my TF relationship, that was what had actually induced my freedom. Because, I had finally found a person who I could show my soul too. But I never really expressed that to him. So he has become a little distant with me recent, but I accept it because I love to watch his growth. I know he is healing very well, as am I.

But, back to the music. The other day in my car I noticed the licence plate number in front of me was So I always pay close attention to my surroundings when seeing number a synchronicity. And while writing this, just now, did I realize I may be a bit of the runner myself.

But, I trust the process is exactly where it is supposed to be. Currently in seperation. What a wonder to find this!! As twin flames we often feel not only crazy but delusional and insane, hearing others say that music is a communication between flames is so validating.

My tf and I have always had a deep mutual love for music and shared on a daily basis music that inspired us. It was a huge part of our experience. He used music to say things that were to vulnerable to say out loud. This is just one example of our communication through music. We are currently in separation but listening to our songs helps with the pain. One such song is NIN Together. Thanks you for posting this and helping me to remember that no time or distance can stop the deep love we have for one another. I met my twin 33 years ago this past October.

One year after meeting, 32 years ago, we dated briefly. In that brief time I fell head over heels in love with him. He started driving OTR shortly after we started dating. We live ten hours apart and are currently in separation. A few days ago, I came across a message from the Divine masculine. It just blew me away….


The past 24 hours have been filled with synchronicities. In the wee hours yesterday morning, I gave my all to communicate telepathically with him. He is so much better at that than I am.

He is unawakened for the most part. So, I will pick up his unknown to him slack! Wow so check this out — I am not making this up. We have not talked in years in the normal sense of the word. So today after skimming this article, I wanted to hear it. So I have an Amazon account for music and noticed it was on a new playlist that someone else had created and there was a song called Marry You whhhaaaaaa? Album is called Love.

Hmm well.

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New to the TF community. Facebook joined us because we graduated the same high school a couple years apart but never met. I was a senior, she a freshman. I had already fallen for her but it was never romantic until one day she texted me out of the blue and the conversation was different.

Then she starts texting me songs, and I knew this would be completely different, and it has completely upended my life. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the ride of your life. It will be your most awesome experience ever, yet one of the most difficult difficult journeys you will ever travel. Lastnight I experienced a shift in consciousness.

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I could feel it. I also rarely listen to music, but lastnight I felt like I wanted to.

I got my Bluetooth speaker and played one of my youtube playlists on shuffle. First song that came on was Find me by Sigma. I felt really good listening to it and I put it on replay. I felt him and felt all the feelings I have towards him. As soon as he saw that, he reconnected with me too and messaged me. I believe that was him speaking to me through music.

So funny and amazing. No violation whatsoever as I subconsciously yearned for this and allowed it without trying to control the process. I also felt a sensation of someone stroking my bottom Hahaha. I did use the power of intention to invite this interaction into my reality though. I had a live vision of sun and moon energy being poured into our bodies. I felt like I was going to die.

Felt like some kind of divine trial. It did help me trust myself more and take this whole thing more seriously. Two months before I met my twin flame, I had a dream about the man I was to marry and be with forever. In this dream, he was clearly a great and noble prince, and I was his Queen, whom he worshipped and adored. On our second date, the first time my twin flame came over to my house, he brought me a hard drive with a playlist of music he had put together for me.

I have it on a CD which I listen to often in my car. Well, one of the main physical, 3D reality reasons my twin and I are separated is that he is in conservation and is doing research for his doctorate in remote areas in a neighbouring country. He is literally saving the world, well, in my eyes. ThankYou for this article! It has reassured me that my D. M is communicating in 5D as well as tx and we speak a lot on the phone too.

I receive messages through songs very very often. And they are all spot on! I have a question: Sometimes the songs are from female point o view, how do I have to interpret them? Thank you so much for sharing this! The song is about love, light, and freedom. Then perhaps two weeks later I was reflecting on our relationship and had what felt like a total epiphany that we were soul mates, twin souls even.

And two days later we saw each other and he played me a song that explicitly referred to the twin soul connection. Playing on repeat for no reason, song lyrics popping into my head at exactly the right time, sometimes I even feel his vibration and new music will begin creating itself within that connection.

Lovesongs For The Soul: A Spiritual Journey Lovesongs For The Soul: A Spiritual Journey
Lovesongs For The Soul: A Spiritual Journey Lovesongs For The Soul: A Spiritual Journey
Lovesongs For The Soul: A Spiritual Journey Lovesongs For The Soul: A Spiritual Journey
Lovesongs For The Soul: A Spiritual Journey Lovesongs For The Soul: A Spiritual Journey
Lovesongs For The Soul: A Spiritual Journey Lovesongs For The Soul: A Spiritual Journey

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