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This story is intended for adult audiences and contains explicit sexual content, profanity, and violence including sexual violence, although not by the protagonist and not as a focus of the story. This story was originally posted by myself as a Choose Your Own Adventure on chyoa. This version of the story is completely self-contained, however, and there is no need to visit any other site unless you wish to see more stories in this world.

Updates will post at least once each day; the update schedule will be more frequent at the start until Royal Road catches up to the current chapter of the story. Unfortunately, after the councils' judgement chapter the story almost entirely devolved into smut.

Paths of the Chosen

Many of the chapters not marked explicit contain explicit scenes and the story starts to suffer for it. This devolving in quality also afflicts the characters with the main character seemingly losing complex motivations beyond "satisfy mate, be dominant" and Brighid losing most of her depth to become a character best described as sub 1. Surprisingly if you can look past all of that the story remains somewhat interesting and fun but the flaws in the story are such that I cannot in good conscious give more than 3 stars. Edit: In the more recent chapters there seems to be a refocus upon the plot rather than the "plot" so hopefully it'll keep this trajectory with the changes made recently I can change the score a little, since my first reaction may have been a slight overreaction.

Awesome story!! Takes a bit to get used to the first person pov but after that this story is addicting. I find myself refreshing every 20 or 30 minutes in the hopes of there being a new chapter to devour.

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The story is really interesting so far and good. There is a good combination of story and lemons. I don't know why you would do that but it breaks the possibility of being immersed in the story. I have no problems with 1. A nice story overall, no idea about pacing and all that but i personally enjoyed it Up to the tribal Oath , the charecters are diverce and have more than a mention and a page of empty dialog. My only drag with the story is that im mostly interested in darker ones and this is the typical down to earth goody two shoes being educated on the fine life of a medival world with gods and magic Who the hell would use a sword?

In our amazing community, you can find various talented individuals who write as a hobby or even professionally, artists who create art for them, and many, many readers who provide valuable feedback and encouragement. Paths of the Chosen by Zurai. Start Reading. Mark as Not Interested Rate it.

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Paths Chosen

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At this point, the smut has almost entirely overtaken the story with no end in sight. Addicting by Teddy Saturday, 07 September With the capital seized, Dimitri orders his knights to secure the outside, but to not kill anyone who has surrendered. All that remains for Byleth and Dimitri is to finally face Edelgard to end the war once and for all. The 17th is the final Tutoring session as well.

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Certifications and Marketplace will still be accessible on the 30th, but the hard once per week Certification is still in effect on the final day. Because this is the final month and the first to two chapter battles, it is important to stock up your allies with whatever weapons they may need. Keeping a few items for forging may be helpful as your are allowed to use the Marketplace features on the preparation screen of the next chapter, but otherwise, feel free to cash out your wallet as much as possible as it does not carry over into subsequent playthroughs of the game. The battle begins with your army split into two groups on the top of the map, half placed on the upper left with Byleth, the other half with Dimitri on the upper right.

Range is important in this map as a result as your allies will be bombarded each turn by all sorts of enemies, especially on Hard Mode. Players can choose to have the two remain separate and move downward before merging to take down Hubert , though this is not entirely necessary as having the two together on the left side of the map will help once the Demonic Beast reinforcements arrive.

If the right side is traversed, there are plenty of chests to pick up useful items for the battle and for the next one so there are incentives to keep the army split. Otherwise, have most of the units head west to merge.

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Paths Chosen Paths Chosen
Paths Chosen Paths Chosen
Paths Chosen Paths Chosen
Paths Chosen Paths Chosen
Paths Chosen Paths Chosen

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