Robin Dubois - Tome 3 - Ca va chez vous ? (French Edition)

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Dounias E. Dresp B. Ultraviolet reflecting photonic microstructures in the King Penguin beak. Biology Letters 1: Long-range spatial integration across contrast signs: a probabilistic mechanism?

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Vision Research What a beautiful stump! Ecological constraints on categorical perception of photographs of mutilated human bodies. Perception 34 Suppl. Dubois M. Ten polymorphic microsatellite markers in the wandering albatross Diomedea exulans. Dudley N. Why do we need to consider restoration in a landscape context? Ennouri F. Fatty acid composition and rheological behaviour of prickly pear seed oils. Food Chemistry Facon B. Hybridization and invasiveness in the freshwater snail Melanoides tuberculata: hybrid vigour is more important than increase in genetic variance. Journal of Evolutionary Biology Fons F.

Zinc tolerance and hyperaccumulation in F-1 and F-2 offspring from intra and interecotype crosses of Thlaspi caerulescens.

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Fromin N. Swiss microbial ecology: dynamism and challenges. Pipette 3: Nitrogen fertiliser rate affects the frequency of nitrate-dissimilating Pseudomonas spp. Gaillard J. Generation time: a reliable metric to measure life-history variation among mammalian populations.

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Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics Balancing selection in the wild: testing population genetics theory of self-incompatibility in the rare species Brassica insularis. Genetics Gondard H. Long-term evolution of understorey plant species composition after logging in chestnut coppice stands Cevennes mountains, southern France. Annals of Forest Science Forest management and plant species diversity of chestnut stands in Mediterranean area.

In: International symposium: optimisation, productivity and sustainability of chestnut ecosystems in Mediterranean Europe: programme and abstracts. Catania, February , Vinciguerra M. Gordo O. Do changes in climate patterns in wintering areas affect the timing of the spring arrival of trans-Saharan migrant birds? Global Change Biology Grigulis K.

Landscape-scale positive feedbacks between fire and expansion of the large tussock grass, Ampelodesmos mauritanica in Catalan shrublands. Guillaumet A. Phenotypic variation in Galerida larks in Morocco: the role of history and natural selection. Haloti S. Acarologia Handa I. A test of the treeline carbon limitation hypothesis by in situ CO2 enrichment and defoliation.

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Ecology Effects of tree species diversity on litter quality and decomposition. In: Forest diversity and function: temperate and boreal systems Scherer-Lorenzen M. Soil animals alter plant litter diversity effects on decomposition. Biodiversity and litter decomposition in terrestrial ecosystems.

Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution and Systematics Henry P. Partial selfing, ecological disturbance and reproductive assurance in an invasive freshwater snail. Heredity Isenmann P. Oiseaux de Tunisie : Birds of Tunisia. Jourand P.

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Role of methylotrophy during symbiosis between Methylobacterium nodulans and Crotalaria podocarpa. Molecular Plant Microbe Interactions Jouventin P. Ultraviolet beak spots in king and emperor penguins. The Condor Julou T. Mixotrophy in orchids: insights from a comparative study of green individuals and nonphotosynthetic individuals of Cephalanthera damasonium.

Kergoat G. Parallels in the evolution of the two largest New and Old World seed-beetle genera Coleoptera, Bruchidae. Khadari B. Contrasted genetic diversity and differentiation among Mediterranean populations of Ficus carica L. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution Kjellberg F. Clutch size: a major sex ratio determinant in fig pollinating wasps?

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In: Biology, ecology, and evolution of gall-inducing arthropods Raman A. Carbon flux and growth in mature deciduous forest trees exposed to elevated CO2. Science Kunstler G. Growth, mortality, and morphological response of European beech and downy oak along a light gradient in sub-Mediterranean forest. Canadian Journal of Forest Research Kurz-Besson C. A comparison of litterbag and direct observation methods of Scots pine needle decomposition measurement.

Robin Dubois - Tome 3 - Ca va chez vous ? (French Edition)
Robin Dubois - Tome 3 - Ca va chez vous ? (French Edition)
Robin Dubois - Tome 3 - Ca va chez vous ? (French Edition)
Robin Dubois - Tome 3 - Ca va chez vous ? (French Edition)
Robin Dubois - Tome 3 - Ca va chez vous ? (French Edition)
Robin Dubois - Tome 3 - Ca va chez vous ? (French Edition)
Robin Dubois - Tome 3 - Ca va chez vous ? (French Edition)

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