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Forensic psychiatry

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Therefore, they are frequently involved in conflicts. Evidenced-based aggression ther Content type: Study protocol. Published on: 6 August Many former inmates recidivate, resulting in high costs for societies worldwide.

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Authors: Gerdien Schenk, Hanne M. Duindam, Hanneke E. Stams and Jessica J. Published on: 5 July We aimed to examine the Authors: Susan Young, Rafael A. Published on: 25 June Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD and head injury including traumatic brain injury TBI manifest in high levels across prison samples and guidance from the National Institute for Health and Ca Published on: 22 June French Guiana has the highest incarceration rate among French territories, it is higher than that of Brazil, Colombia or Venezuela. It is well known that mental health problems are over-represented in correcti Published on: 29 May Because of the potential gravity of finding a person incompetent, assessment of mental capacity is challenging for clinicians.

We aimed to test validity of a new structured professional judgement tool designed Routine outcome measures are increasingly being mandated across mental health services in Australia and overseas. This requirement includes forensic mental health services, but their utility in such specialist Authors: Jonathon Adams, Stuart D. Thomas, Tobias Mackinnon and Damien Eggleton.

Published on: 7 February Optimising quality of life QOL for service users in a forensic hospital is an important treatment objective. The factors which contribute to QOL in this setting are currently unclear.

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The aim of this study w Published on: 19 January Offenders with personality disorder are supported by health, criminal justice, social care and third sector services. These services are tasked with reducing risk, improving health and improving social outcome McKay and Swaran P.

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Citation: BMC Psychiatry 17 Published on: 17 November Depression is the most common form of mental disorder among inmates, with a prevalence much higher than in the general population. This study aims to estimate the prevalence of depression among inmates and ide Published on: 23 October The biological underpinnings of serious violent behaviors in patients with schizophrenia remain unclear. The aim of this study was to identify the characteristics of brain morphometry in patients with schizoph Published on: 21 March Offenders with mental disorders constitute a particularly exposed group in society, with high rates of morbidity, mortality, and social deprivation.

Often thought of primarily as perpetrators, these individual Published on: 11 March Previous studies have investigated factors associated with outcome at Mental Health Review Tribunals MHRTs in forensic psychiatric patients; however, dynamic variables such as treatment compliance and substa Published on: 17 January Mental illness is highly prevalent among prisoners. Although psychotropic medicines can ameliorate symptoms of mental illness, prescribers in prisons must balance clinical needs against risks to safety and sec Webb, Martin Frisher, Mary P. Tully, David While and Jenny J. Citation: BMC Psychiatry 16 Published on: 10 October There is a lack of research in forensic settings examining therapeutic relationships.

Published on: 29 September Studies have suggested that people with intellectual disability are disproportionately involved in crime both as perpetrators and victims. Authors: Billy C. Fogden, Stuart D. Thomas, Michael Daffern and James R. Published on: 28 May Despite the high prevalence rate of mental health problems among young prisoners, little is known about the longitudinal course and covariates of their mental health symptoms during incarceration, especially t Authors: Leonel C.

Published on: 6 April This study aimed to examine the relation between different types of child abuse victimization and criminal recidivism among juvenile offenders. Authors: Claudia E. Published on: 5 February The high prevalence of serious mental illness SMI in prisons remains a challenge for mental health services.

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Many prisoners with SMI do not receive care. Screening tools have been developed but better detect Patients admitted to a secure forensic hospital are at risk of a long hospital stay.

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Forensic hospital beds are a scarce and expensive resource and ability to identify the factors predicting length of stay at Citation: BMC Psychiatry 15 Published on: 23 November The relationship between mental illness and violent crime is complex because of the involvement of many other confounding risk factors. In the present study, we analysed psychiatric and neurological disorders Few studies have investigated absconding from forensic hospitals and there are no published studies of interventions aimed at reducing these incidents in forensic settings.

We present a study of the impact of Published on: 3 May In contrast to specific recidivism, general recidivism has only been poor Published on: 29 March Detention in a secure forensic psychiatric hospital may inhibit engagement and recovery. Published on: 28 March Psychopathy, a severe disorder of personality, is well represented in the criminal and forensic psychiatric population and is significantly associated with increased risk of violence and crime.

Fire-setting is Published on: 10 March Effective treatment of IPV needs to add Citation: BMC Psychiatry 14 Published on: 27 November Dynamic risk factors need to be assessed repeatedly over time rather than at a single time point to examine the relationship with violence. This predictive validity study sought to examine the degree of dynami Published on: 26 November In low income countries, mental disorders are a neglected health problem.

Studies In Forensic Psychiatry Studies In Forensic Psychiatry
Studies In Forensic Psychiatry Studies In Forensic Psychiatry
Studies In Forensic Psychiatry Studies In Forensic Psychiatry
Studies In Forensic Psychiatry Studies In Forensic Psychiatry
Studies In Forensic Psychiatry Studies In Forensic Psychiatry

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