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Common Swim Strokes
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Body roll — body roll refers to the rotation of your body from side to side. Bilateral breathing — bilateral breathing is used in the freestyle stroke and involves breathing on both sides of the body.

Swimming lingo translated | Swimming Australia

This helps to create smooth and even strokes. It also helps to develop a good body roll.

Basic Rules and Regulations of Swimming

This is essential to swim great freestyle. Usually you breathe after a set of three strokes, alternating with breathing in on the left stroke on the first set, and then on the right on the second. Swimming drills — when you start to become more confident, you may be asked by your teacher to do swimming drills. This is swimming terminology for simple exercises focusing on a particular part of your technique.

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If you are struggling to get the timing right on your breaststroke kick, for example, you might use a float to hold up your front end and then focus all your attention on the kick to help you improve it. Glide — you may hear your teacher telling you that you are gliding too much. In swimming terminology gliding is when you are coasting along with a pause in your stroke. When swimming, you should always be moving.

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  7. If you have a moment where you are not being propelled through the water at all, then you are losing speed and creating more work for yourself as you accelerate again with the next movement. Gliding should be kept to a minimum and a stroke should be as continuous as possible. The same swimmer who can do 10 x , should be able to swim 5 x , or , etc.

    Swimming Lesson Terms & Conditions

    The swimmer can take as much rest between each swim as they desire, and they may do the three swims in any order. Circle Swimming — The process of swimming down the right side of the lane, with the black line on the bottom of the pool to your left at all times. This is the standard that Loveland Masters uses at all practice sessions.

    Deck and Lap

    Cool Down — The period before you get out of the pool that is relaxed swimming. A great cool down set is 4 x 50 with an increase in the amount of rest between each 50, and a decreasing stroke count for each DPS — Distance Per Stroke, a drill in which the swimmer is to stretch out the stroke with the goal of having a lower than normal stroke count.

    Interval — A set amount of time in which to complete a series of swims. For example: 10 x 50 at This means every 1 minute the swimmer will depart for another 50 yard swim. If the swimmer completes the swim in , then they will get rest. If they complete the swim in they will get rest.

    Glossary of Various Swimming Terms

    The goal is to keep each swim as consistent as possible. Leave on the Bottom — means to depart for the next swim on the on the clock. Moderate — Swimming at a moderate pace.

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    6. Swimming Terms Swimming Terms
      Swimming Terms Swimming Terms
      Swimming Terms Swimming Terms
      Swimming Terms Swimming Terms
      Swimming Terms Swimming Terms

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