The Door To Nowhere (The Sean Alexander Series Book 1)

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One night, she is caught at the piano. With him are his friends, and Nipper, the messenger dog. When they charge across no-man's land, Jim is shot and finds himself face to face with an enemy soldier. Red samurai Roxy is the White Warrior. She has a crush she is keeping secret, the school bully to deal with plus there is her older sister. Differences between Roxy and Elecktra are easily seen and sibling rivalry becomes a catalyst for what is to come, affecting the immediate family but also the ninja and samurai community.

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There is an enemy lurking and it soon becomes clear that the White Warrior is about to meet her match. Red wind, The Every year, Zluty journeys to the great forest while his brother, Bily, stays to tend their desert home.

And every year, Zluty returns with exciting tales of his adventures. But, when a devastating red wind sweeps across the land, destroying everything in its path, each brother must fight for his survival. Redback mansion A collection of well-crafted literary poems with a rural theme. Redwall: the graphic novel A black and white, beautifully illustrated rendition of the classic story. Mathias, the young and clumsy field mouse, must take the place of Martin the Warrior and save Redwall Abbey from the vicious rats. Lead by Cluny the Scourge, the rats prove to be devious and merciless enemies and there will be great battles and much sadness before the end.

Reef superstar In a wondrous world deep within a coral reef, sea creatures assemble for a contest. Each creature has a special skill or a magic trick to display. Find out who wins the contest to become reef superstar. Reflections of a solitary hamster Meet Hamster, completely self-obsessed and passionate about waffles. Join him and his friends, kindly Mole, diffident Hedgehog, selflessly generous Snail and super-confident Rabbit as they prepare for a celebration, set to change everybody's lives. A deceptively simple book includes philosophical musings on life.

They have been there for decades but a developer is working to have the fair and the Bonhoffen's removed. Remember me A diary is a good way to get rid of the worries that clutter your mind. Amber needs a diary because her life is getting confusing. Her mum has remarried. Nothing feels the way it should any more, and nothing is ever simple.

Replay Leo, a quiet boy nicknamed Sardine because he's the middle child in a boisterous family, is cast in the school play as an old woman. He discovers the journal his father kept at thirteen and finds out there's more to dad than he ever knew. Reptile room, The The Baudelaire orphans find their kind Uncle Monty, with whom they would love to live.

The Baudelaires find they need to be wary of Count Olaf. Reptiles Outstanding colour photography with clearly written text presented as informative captions and key paragraphs, on a double page spread for each reptile. Lots of Australian reptiles are featured. Restless girls, The For her twelve daughters, Queen Laurelia's death in a motor car accident is a disaster beyond losing a mother.

Their father, King Alberto, cannot bear the idea of the princesses ever being in danger and decides his daughters must be kept safe at all costs. Those costs include their lessons, their possessions and, most importantly, their freedom. But the eldest, Princess Frida, will not bend to his will without a fight and she still has one possession her father can't take: the power of her imagination.

And so, with little but wits and ingenuity to rely on, Frida and her sisters begin their fight to be allowed to live. Return of the Indian Omri can't resist bringing the small people back to life again. But, when the cupboard door opens, Omri finds Little Bull unconscious. As Omri tries to help him, he faces the terrifying responsibility of power , the power of life and death. Return of the mummy After last year's scary adventure Gabe's a little nervous about being back in Egypt.

Back near the ancient pyramids.

The Sean Alexander Series: The Door To Nowhere Book Review and Ratings by Kids - H. L. Boisrond

Back where he saw all those creepy mummies. Then he learns about an Egyptian superstition. A secret chant that is supposed to bring mummies back to life. Gabe's uncle says it's just a hoax. Return to Del Lief, Bard and Jasmine must find the heir to the kingdom's throne. But the heir has been in deepest hiding from birth and only the Belt can reveal the hiding place. This special interactive adventure is a sequel to Goosebumps A Night in Terror Tower--extended into a create-your-own, fright-filled time trek to the Middle Ages.

Return to the carnival of horrors A "Give Yourself Goosebumps" story. You escaped the first time. But Big Al, the evil carnival manager, wants your second visit to last forever! You've got to get out there--before midnight. If you win three midway games, you have a chance. But the games are horrifyingly hard. Like Q Quest. If you pick the wrong number, the penalty will really blow you away! Maybe you should look for a way out on the rides. But watch out for the Roller Ghoster. It's a steer-yourself roller coaster--filled with ghosts! Revenge of the body squeezers A "Give Yourself Goosebumps" story.

Jack Archer, hero of Invasion of the Body Squeezers, is back in a nonstop chiller about blue aliens and their dreaded "body squeezer" device. The big squeeze scrunches a person down to tennis-ball size and this time you're part of the action Revenge of the lawn gnomes Two pink flamingos. A whole family of plaster skunks. Joe Burton's dad loves those tacky lawn ornaments. But then he brings home two ugly lawn gnomes. And that's when the trouble starts.

Late at night, When everyone's asleep. Someone's creeping in the garden. Whispering nasty things. Smashing melons. Squashing tomatoes. No way two dumb old lawn ornaments could be causing all the trouble?

Biblical Series I: Introduction to the Idea of God

Is there? Revenge of the living dummy The thrill ride begins when year-old Britney Crosby encounters an old ventriloquist's dummy with a lively secret--and a wicked plan. Just when she thinks the nightmare is over, Britney receives an invitation to an amusement park where everything is not as it seems. Who--or what--is summoning ordinary kids to HorrorLand? Britney and her friends must find out fast--or remain trapped forever in the scariest place on Earth.

Revolting rhymes Quite gory but always funny, classic tales retold in a collection for those who love their fairy tales with a satirical, and worldly twist. Meet Cinderella, a young woman who wants to marry a nice, ordinary man and Goldilocks, the house-breaker. Find out about a knitting needle ninja, a violin that comes to life, a cat with many names, a love that cannot be bought, an alien invasion and so much more.

From humour to horror, thriller to fantasy, encompassing the past, the present and the future.

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Richard Hammond's blast lab Over thirty really cool experiments from the man who loves fast cars and all things scientific, Top Gear's Richard Hammond. Try these experiments at home but note that some require adult supervision. The book gives practical advice on which ones and how to proceed. Richard III: a Shakespeare story Richard 3 was an unpopular king, and this tale explores how he gained, then lost, power during his reign.

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This series gives young readers the chance to discover Shakespeare for themselves. Also included are useful notes on the themes within the stories and a background to the Globe Theatre. Overeager newshound Pollo di Nozi points her finger his way and Benson skips town, hitching a ride on a sheep truck. But, when Pollo and her best mate, Will, realise who the real culprit is, they set off to track down Benson to convince him he is not the hopeless scumbag he's come to believe himself to be. Riddle Gully secrets Junior reporter, Pollo di Nozi, is on the lookout for another juicy news story.

When she and her friend, Will, come across two strange campers, they are off to solve a mystery.

As the seas rise, a slow-motion disaster gnaws at America’s shores

Unravelling hidden treasure, cunning crooks, mistaken identities and mysterious disappearances might just be Pollo's greatest ever challenge. Riddle Gully series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Riddle of the Trumpalar When two children want to save the Moreton Bay fig tree in their local park, they are taken back in time to colonial days.

Ride, Ricardo, ride Ricardo loved to ride his bike through the village. He rode every day, under endless skies, quiet and clear.

The Door To Nowhere (The Sean Alexander Series Book 1)
The Door To Nowhere (The Sean Alexander Series Book 1)
The Door To Nowhere (The Sean Alexander Series Book 1)
The Door To Nowhere (The Sean Alexander Series Book 1)
The Door To Nowhere (The Sean Alexander Series Book 1)
The Door To Nowhere (The Sean Alexander Series Book 1)

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