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Why now? Steshin credits Western sanctions against Russia with forcing the U.

Russian fake news is not new: Soviet Aids propaganda cost countless lives

See below for more from Asmolov. Skip to main content. Colossal, painstaking attention to detail. The creators probably think their audience is a bunch of illiterate, stupid, uninquiring idiots. Nice try.

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What a shock. Directors Adam B.

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Ellick Adam Westbrook Andrew Blackwell. Director of Photography Jonah M. Executive Producer Adam B.

Was Chernobyl a cunning KGB conspiracy? – POLITICO

Assistant Producer Leah Varjacques. Editors Adam Westbrook Jonah M.

Preview: An ex-KGB agent's life in the U.S.

Research Director Dahlia Kozlowsky. Its disadvantage is that it's too long, it should be much shorter in order to be more fascinating - you can get bored from time to time. For Moore and UFO fans only.

Fun-Da-Mental 22 July Interesting propositions, but in the beginning of the video is an error, so how much can we believe of the rest?? In Soviet Cosmonaut Andrei Andropov lifted off in a Soyuz space capsule and spent 45 minutes in orbit" For starters there has never been a Soviet cosmonaut called "Andrei Andropov". These were the only 2 manned Soviet space flights in , and they both featured the Vostok capsule.

Soyuz would not fly for another 6 years.. The first flight of a Soyuz capsule was on 23 April , and ended 1day 2hr 48min later in a tragic crash landing that killed the pilot Vladimir Mikhaylovich Komarov. If the very first words of narration in an allegedly "factual" documentary are so very WRONG, it does not bode well for the content that follows. Unfortunately it plays like the Russian version of "Alien Autopsy". All the declassified Soviet Union U. Promoting the rantings of fringe believers and offering little in the way of believable facts.

Although redundant and too lengthy for the limited material presented, even if the featured crash and autopsy film is nothing but a hoax, "The Secret K.

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Files" is entertaining. Although the movie offers way more questions than answers, it should still be of interest to those who believe in extra-terrestials.

  • Swimming Terms;
  • Meet the KGB Spies Who Invented Fake News.
  • The long history of Russian disinformation targeting the U.S..
  • My Favorite Documentaries of All Time! Movies I Own.

    The KGB Hoax The KGB Hoax
    The KGB Hoax The KGB Hoax
    The KGB Hoax The KGB Hoax
    The KGB Hoax The KGB Hoax
    The KGB Hoax The KGB Hoax
    The KGB Hoax The KGB Hoax

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